Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's, um

So I dunno, you get to a certain age and
realize that your adventure probably won't change that much
I mean, you never know what crazy long-odds biz is coming,
and you're going to keep trying this and tinkering with that,
no point in resigning in a one-game tournament
but you are who you are;

that won't really change.

Yes, it is literally true that if you
put your mind wholly to something, forsaking all distractions
you can forge tremendous changes in yourself and maybe some of your world
we can all do this

but most years in most circumstances with most things most of us won't
so if we demand it inflexibly of ourselves we'll be disappointed most of the time
right? And that's no good;
once you become a Disappointed Person, you sink into disappointment like a warm bath

so at a certain age, we know that most advances and retreats henceforward will be small
we've seen this movie so many times we can quote half of it
and so if things stay the same...and they probably mostly somewhat frustratingly impenetrably will
can you be cool with that? well, what choice do you have.

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