Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A very short story

...after the last game of the little league baseball season, Coach gathered us round and announced that three of us would be selected to play in an all-star game against some older kids. He made the first two choices, and no one was surprised; they were our best. For the last spot, he nominated two other players and was going to have us vote on which one should go...I don't remember what everyone's names were, so we'll call them Scott and Ray. We were about to raise our hands to vote when Ray's older brother, we'll call him Mike, interrupted excitedly and nominated himself as well. Coach shrugged and said okay. All told there were eleven players in the circle. First up was Scott, and he got four votes, including his own of course. Next up was Ray, and he got six.

Okay, yeah, that was kind of embarrassing at the time.

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