Wednesday, July 20, 2011

basketball in the morning

I've been doing this lately sometimes, and I'm happy to find a form of exercise I enjoy. I'll go shoot baskets for 15-30 minutes. And to mix things up, I've been attempting the majority of my shots left-handed. I miss a lot, but so what - if I do it for a while, I'll get better, if that's even a concern. Morning is the perfect time, since it's not 137 degrees outside yet (that doesn't arrive until about 10 am around here in July) and the nearby court's empty. It's a meditation.


  1. Enjoying your blog, Geoffroi. Lots of variety. Algun dia tendras que escribir en otra idioma. ;)

  2. Thanks, sis! Er, lemme try...One day you (I) will (have to try to?) write in another language?

    Gimme a couple of months. I'll be attempting to pick up at least a tourist's amount of Polish before I go there in October...