Sunday, July 10, 2011


Went to the gym this afternoon, not that unusual, but I've certainly never done this before: a half marathon on a treadmill. Okay, now my feet are sore. And I'm full (steak sub afterward, was starving by the time it was over), and sleepy, though I can't really crash out yet...I expected it would be tough, since I came to it with no training. I did some jogging a couple of years ago, regularly for a while, though I didn't stick with it. The most I've ever jogged at one stretch was maybe 8 miles. Today, I set a moderate barely jogging/fast walking pace, 14 minute miles. Took two very short water breaks and slowed down for a couple of short stretches, but mostly maintained the pace...would have been impossibly boring without my iPod. At least doing this outside allows for the scenery to change. Spending three hours on a treadmill is not something I would want to do very often, but I felt good when I was done.

And while I was eating, it started raining! We're in drought conditions here, so any rain, even the five minutes of it we got today, is a rapturous sight. Went outside in it briefly, because how could I not? And I love rain to begin with.

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