Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hey, you're a musician, am I right?

Well, yeah. Though I haven't recorded any new stuff in a while. Plenty of ideas there, just need to get in there and work some of them out.

The good news is that my brother and I just got a new kickass home studio setup which will expand the recording capabilities of the house quite a bit once we learn it well. Exciting. (My brother is a musician also - he's the bass player in a band called Aperture.) So I've got my marching orders for this year - the two big things are learning the new setup and improving my vocal performances and recordings. Probably not too many new songs, though I'm bound to want to get after some of them. What I want to do is re-record the pile of songs I've already got and do them better. At least I've gone through the process with these songs already, so I have a good idea of what I'm shooting for. And by the end of it I'm sure I'll be sick of them! Nah, that's normal. Whenever I complete a project, my tendency is to listen to it for a week or two a whole lot and be happy it's completed (however I define completeness in that case) and then go months without listening to it much at all. If I manage to see all this through, I'm looking at maybe 18-24 months. What happens then? I'll put the finished stuff out on the Internet, of course, try to build a modest audience. Forming a band to play the stuff would be fun with the right players, though maybe more trouble than I'd feel like going to - the style of music isn't one where you can just grab a few buddies and bash it out, so lots of rehearsal time would be involved...but either way, I'm sure I'd just keep writing and recording.

(If you want to hear what I do and haven't yet, get on YouTube and go to the channel "tremblesoffortune". There you will find demo versions of 29 original songs (and a few quickie covers I did last year) - basically three album projects: "Sacraria" from 2012, "Don't Let One Pin Drop" from 2011, and "Sucker In The Promised Land" from way back in 1995.)

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