Saturday, April 28, 2012

Insomnia Theater

2:35 am, can't sleep at all. Wouldn't be a problem except that I've got to get up early to go run (and maybe play in) a one-day Scrabble tournament. Not that that's a difficult thing to do, I could do it almost in my sleep - er, at this rate, I guess we might find out if that's true or not.

I can take this. Sleep trouble doesn't happen often these days, for which I'm extremely grateful, because I went through a long stretch where I had immense trouble with it. Either too little sleep or too much, really hard to regulate, tough to stay out of these non-self-correcting cycles for any good length of time. I had some schedule and lifestyle issues that surely didn't help, and I suppose I should have sought some sort of treatment for the problem, though without health insurance what would I have done. But the strange thing was that the problem disappeared almost all at once, after many years, without my trying anything to address it. Happened when I moved to Austin in 2003. All better, pretty much. The only time I have much trouble now is at Scrabble tournaments out of town, but most of that's just excitement from competing.

Not nervous or upset about anything at the moment, but my heart races anyway and I'm feeling kinda rough. Yeah, my health's probably not so good, the need is getting more urgent to start handling that better than I usually do. Brain won't shut down, because it about never does. Noise is what I know. Exhilarating when it accidentally forms a symphony, but more often it's just the sound of your own wheels.

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