Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flashback: November 30, 2010 - Wherein I Drink Bad Beer So You Don't Have To

(originally posted on my LJ Scrabble blog at the time)

So I felt like getting some beer after work. Self-actualization can wait a day. But hey, let's learn something. I ordinarily don't drink crappy domestic beers of the sort hawked by pretty girls every five minutes during NFL games on TV, but I have never tried a beer with 55 calories before and I'm trying to shed some weight. So here it is, a sixer of Budweiser Select 55. (For non-beer drinkers, the scoop: a regular beer is about 150 calories per 12-ounce bottle, a standard light beer is 90-100. 55 is ridiculous.)

I'm midway through the six as I type. This beer does not taste bad or good, just really weak. It's like someone took a bottle of Bud Light, turned down its nasty creamy aftertaste (thanks for that) and poured it into a bottle of Perrier. And it has 2.4% alcohol, which is awfully wimpy. We'll see how that scales in about 45 minutes.

The calorie-to-buzz ratio is the point of interest. Calorically, six of these wussy things equals 2.2 normal beers. If six of these, just 330 calories, get me as buzzed as 3 or 4 normal beers, which is to say not really but it's a good start, I'm ahead on the deal. But that's before accounting for the fact that the beer makes Swiss cheese seem as spicy as kimchi by comparison, or that it seems to have diuretic qualities even beyond normal beer.

Some minutes later...verdict: no. Go for a quality light beer instead. Which was my hypothesis before I started, but the work of science is often mundane and true revelation is rare.

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