Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gimme that gearshift

What I'm going to do when I get back from Nationals: first, my brother Brian, who lives in St. Louis now, will be visiting here with his family. I've met his wife Kara, but I've not yet met the children in the family. Kara has two from an earlier marriage: a son, Rhodes, who is in college in New Orleans (and unfortunately can't make it to Austin this time), and a daughter, Eve, who is 12. And Brian and Kara have a new baby, too - Mamie is about two months old. Three years ago today I had no nephews or nieces. Now I have six.

After that, time to slow down and reorganize. I've got more things big and small going on right now than I'm comfortable with. Some of that stretching is fine, it's good to have challenges and irons in the fire, but to get and stay happy I've found I need to know where home is and keep it in view. Home for me is a simple life. Few possessions, no drama, not running this way and that trying to keep up. My short-term resolution is that I will not add anything new to my life - no new toys, no new projects, no new obligations - until I sort out what's on the table now.

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